Wedding July 2 Ancaster Mill

Wedding July 2 Ancaster Mill

Woman with a heart as large as the sun and the Guy that went CRAZY for love

Wedding – July 2, 2023

Ancaster Mill – Governors Room

Clients – Lien & Brandon

Doing our job is much easier when you have such an easy-going couple and even easier when the crowd cooperates.  The entire room was so patient through the night while the couple were trying to get their late night photos done due to the rain.  Once photos were completed and all the formal dances were done, it became time to rip up the dance floor.  And that’s exactly what they did.

Bride, Groom and most of the guests were on the dance floor all night long.  It all came down to the music that the couple provided as well as the order the music was played and maybe with a bit a twist.  Bangers such as Don’t stop Believing, Dancing Queen and Mr. Brightside were sure hits of the night but these were probably the only songs I played in full.  Everything else that was played half songs mixed together well with the next song etc. 

This entire crowd had so much energy, there was even times when I wanted to go dance with them, so I did, and the groom (Brandon) looked at me, pointed and yelled out Mr. DJ!!! And we started fist pumping in the air.  They loved the fact that I came out and had a little fun with them.

All I have to say is THANK YOU to Lien and Brandon for making my night easy and enjoying my job as an entertainer even more then ever before.  I’m so glad you all had a great time. 

Congratulations and All  the Best Andrew